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Xlibris Publishing introduces Evan A. Brett, author of The Harbour Rat Reunion.


After writing two other fictional novels for the young adult reader, this one, even though it is about young men in their teens, is primarily for the adult reader.  Not “adult” in the sense of “Fifty Shades of Gray” but adult in that it would more likely be appreciated by an older crowd.



It involves a series of incidents as recalled by our six Harbour Rats as they happen to be accidentally gathered together in 1971 during the wedding of one of their members.  The stories exchanged between these old buddies are the most significant ones they can think of during those early years; stories that help launch them into manhood; stories that not even their fellow Rats were too aware of – until that day.



The setting for this day-long, tale-telling episode is back in their home town on the West Coast of British Columbia and the tales they tell are from those early days growing up in that same small community bearing the fictional name of Port Angus.  These stories are based loosely on various incidents that happened to either myself or my friends during those memorable growing-up years.



This book is one that I started many years ago, probably shortly after graduating from University in the faculty of Anthropology/Sociology.  As my experience in the fishing industry developed, in my mind, so did these tales.  These two factors, of studying Northwest native culture and working in the fishing industry, probably influenced my writing more than anything.  All three of my books involve both of these elements.



I published two books simultaneously with Xlibris.  But I don’t think I would recommend that again.  My second novel, One Storm Too Many, is finally finished as well.  But the process of handling two novels at the same time got to be a bit overwhelming.  On various occasions I forgot where I was.



In my case, I am my own editor, my own agent, my own reviewer.  And Xlibris has so many staff members each handling a different aspect of the process.  With two books on the go, I had a tendency to forget who was handling what.  Fortunately each one of them was very patient with me and very respectful if I went off on a tangent.


The Harbour Rat Reunion by Evan A. Brett

The editing of my works was fun but the toughest to get exactly right.  It would have been nice to hire someone else to do that part for me.  Even though I have edited other writer’s works, editing one’s own work is not always the wisest.  But with the help of my wife I think I ended up with a couple of quite enjoyable and interesting novels. I found that writing the novel is one thing, but getting it into publishable form is another – especially when one is operating on a shoe string.



I am now at the stage where I have to do something about the marketing.  This is where I need the most help – but preferably with the least expense.  I am now a pensioner with little income.  The idea of buying, say, 50 books, and have them sitting around in my basement while I try to get them sold, is a frightening thought.  Not only is it a major expense but with no idea how well they will do, quite a risk.



And going out into the local market with a Book Launch I find quite intimidating, mainly because extolling the virtues of my own creation is not something I can easily do with integrity until I know how well they will be received.  I’d rather have somebody else do that – but that again would be at some expense.



My current plan is to simply order a few books and give one out to a few other authors that I know.  Hopefully they will read it and let me know how marketable they think it is.




Though the staff of Xlibris don’t contribute or comment on the creative side of one’s effort, I found them to be very efficient in getting on with whatever tasks had to be done.



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