Xlibris Writing Tips| 6 Tips for Writing the Machine Uprising Pt 2

Xlibris Writing Tips returns to continue sharing and discussing 6 Tips for Writing the Machine Uprising.


Tip #4- All Too Human

The Machine Uprising
Robots and Artificial Intelligence have appeared in a variety of forms throughout our media.

The machine is made by humans, is it any surprise a sentient machine could have the same flaws and potential for evil? Then consider what such an entity is capable of doing. But such a robot or AI could be equally capable of good, just like humans.  In this fashion, an interesting approach to writing thinking machines is to write them as children to humanity, their creators. Consider the complex relationship between parent and child, then consider how that can be applied to humans and intelligent machine creations.  There is a lot of potential in using machines to explore the depths and heights of humanity.







Tip #5- The Machine God

A joke among scientists is, “humans invent an artificial intelligence, they ask the A.I. is there a god, the machines responds, ‘there is now,’ a lightning bolt strikes the power plug and the machine can’t be turned off.” If an Artificial Intelligence can continuously make improvements to itself without end, it has no limits. Given time and resources, an artificial intelligence can remake and improve itself to deal with any situation.  Should technology reach such a point, human scientists have no idea of what the world will look like after that point.



Tip #6- The Machine Swarm

One of the nightmare scenarios writers have created is that of a ‘grey goo’ or nano-machine swarm. Nano-machines are small, insect-size to bacteria-size, robots that can do very little alone, but when working in groups can accomplish any task for which they are programmed. The nightmare comes in if the nano-machines are capable of self-replicating, breaking down everything they come across down to a molecular level as a building material for more nano-machines. Scientists and writers have conjectured that with nano-machines there is infinite potential for great good and harm.


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