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Xlibris Publishing introduces Pablo LaSalle Jr, author of Battle of Life.


Battle of Life. There is always a story to tell, things we live with and experience at different levels of life. Some stay with us other things we tend to forget. This book comes from many years of living life to an extreme. Fiction, no one could have such a wild imagination, but to ease the reader we will call it a work of fiction. Many tales are told but many experiences in life are also in the mix.


Xlibris Author| Pablo LaSalle, Battle of LifePablo LaSalle Jr, the author says, “It is up to the reader to decide what is real and what is not. We all live in a world where we forget sometimes what is real and what is not. In the military we follow orders, no matter what they are, mission always first, so we take our orders and run with it. After the fact, we think about what had happen but during the action you really don’t have time to think, feel, or confide in anyone. This book brings the beginning of life as it turns out for me.


Looking back at all those experiences, I have made great friends through the years, and lost many also, I would not change a thing. I learn to fight at a young age, (got tired of getting beat up) so had to make a stand. Life was not easy in those days, lots of things we did not have, like cell phones, GPS, so we use maps, hand signals. Hand to hand combat was always the best physical training we had. It’s good to know how to defend yourself.”


I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in NY in the 60’ segregation was always around but in New York everyone looks after each other. We all knew who lived next to us around the corner and across the street. We also knew who was not from the neighborhood, they usually stick out like a sore thumb. So, it did not matter the color of your skin, if you were from the Bronx, you were from the Bronx. If you were from Brooklyn you knew what to expect and where to go.


After 20+ years in the military, and always moving around you learn to deal with and cope with your surroundings. Life goes on. If you’re in a foreign country you learn the language, so you can communicate with your neighbors and locally. It is just something you do to survive during the time your there.


What inspired me to write this story was the facts of life, things that happen, and the mechanism we use to cope with them. Many lives were lost during those 20 years and before but we learn how to live with it and the memories we have we keep alive to remembers those who were very close to our hearts.


There is a sequel to this book, this volume one of ten series, and the other nine books will be coming out soon. Writing has always been a passion of mine and even as the years go by I finally said to myself time to let it out and it is very relaxing to write your thoughts and keep your mind sane. I hope everyone enjoys this book as it is a gateway to my future writings.


A message I would like to convey to everyone is, we all have a story to tell, things that happen in life if we would like history not to repeat itself we continue to write about it so maybe in the future others can avoid it happening to them.



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